Comic Book Glossary Index

HISTORY: comics code logo, letters page, underground comics

ILLUSTRATION TECHNIQUES: chiaroscuro, cross-hatching, flat-color comics, focus, hatching, ligne claire, recolored comics, spotting blacks

LAYOUT: bleed, democratic grid, gutter, irregular grid, mise-en-scene

MEDIUM CONVENTION: caption, lettering, realistic vs. iconic representation, sound effects, splash page, text box, thought balloon, word balloon

NARRATIVE: asynchronous depiction, compressed storytelling, continuity, decompressed storytelling, diegesis, flashback, metafiction

ROLES: inker, colorist, letterer, penciler, writer

SHOTS: American shot, bird’s eye view, CU, CS, MCU, MS, LS, ELS, ECU, establishing shot, foreground, point-of-view, worm’s eye view

TRANSITIONS: closure, cross gutter links (Katie Cribb), match cut, montage

VISUAL SHORTHAND: agitrons, blurgits, briffits, dites, grawlixes, hites, indotherm, lucaflect, motion lines, plewd, solrad, squeans, swalloops, wafteron


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