'When, exactly, did background noise become foreground noise?'
Figure 1. ‘When, exactly, did background noise become foreground noise?’

The foreground is an art term that describes the objects in the scene that are closest to the viewer. It is the part in front of everything else and has the most detail. The foreground relates to a topic called the atmospheric perspective, which is a term for the effect of the Earth’s atmosphere on objects viewed from afar. As the distance between an object and you grow, the less detail you can make out from that object. The detail and colors fade away to the color of the background. This is why mountains look blue from a distance and why objects disappear as you distance yourself from them.

There are three types of grounds that could be found in an image. The

Figure 2. A visual representation of the foreground, middle ground and background. Retrieved from Fontana, Anthony. “Foreground, Middleground, and Background.” 2D Foundation. Wikifoundry, 29 Jan. 2009. Web.

foreground, middle ground, and background. The middle ground is considered the middle of the panel, where details are still in focus but slightly more vague. The background is the part with the least amount of details and blurred colors.The foreground has the most details and has the main focus of the panel. This could range from the main character, an important object, or any scene the author deemed important. The figure on the left shows the three levels of grounds and how they lay in relation to each other.

The Archie panel in Figure 3 is an example of foreground in comics. You can see Archie as the main figure in the foreground because he’s in front of everyone, and closest to the reader. He’s also the only person in the panel yelling. The other characters are behind Archie and are partially covered.

Figure 3. Archie screaming for  joy. Retrieved from

They become smaller and smaller, giving th ebackground depth and soon disappear into blobs and shapes. The foreground is Archie, the middle ground are the characters behind him, and the background is the school, which is the setting of the panel.



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