Letters page

Letter pages were created and started normal use in about the 1960’s and were very popular until recently since the popularization of email and the internet. This page helped to create comic book fandom. It is a page at the end of comics that have letters from the editors talking about their issues and what’s going on in their world of comics. They also have letters from the reader saying what they liked and didn’t like about the recent comics.

The very first letter page was in 1940 publishletter pageed by Novelty Press in Target Comic #6 (see figure 1). As you can see, there is a section for the editors to write and then one for the readers to write. In this one for Target Hits and Misses, the editors end their section asking the reader some questions. It’s a really good way for the editors to see if they readers really like what they are reading.

Figure 2 has an example of the letter page from Bitch Planet #3. Since this is a very recent comic, you can see how the letter p
age has changed. In this letter page, the creator is going through and

Bitch Planet #3 written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, published in October 2015. 

saying things that she wasn’t able to do but wishes she could. It’s very personal because there is such a big fandom for this comic and they love to talk back to her. Their comments become really personally, from the tattoo a reader got related to the comic, to how it helped them through a rough time. It’s a great example of how comic books aren’t just something to read anymore, they are used to connect to thousands around the world.

In Figure 3 is a last example of a letter page from Daredevil. It’s an older comic as you can tell. This page is showing the letters what were sent in

Daredevil written by Frank Miller, picture retrieved from: http://www.westfieldcomics.com which is a blog talking about things missed in comics, including the letter page. 



from the readers. As you can see in the corner, it gives the address that people can write the letters to in an easy access. It then puts the letter on this page and someone responds to the reader! It’s another great example of how personal comics can be. These might be kids writing to these comic books and seeing their letter in the comic could make their whole day, week, month or even year better! As you can see, the response isn’t very long but they are taking time to write back and that’s really great. As time has gone by, the editors and writers have made it more personal but this example is a good in between from the very first one made up until Bitch Planet.