The penciler lays out the artwork. They are often in charge of designing the panel layout and the placement of the figures and settings. They also design the backgrounds and work on designing the characters.

Figure 1. Penciled image included in Superior Spiderman: My Own Worst Enemy. Work of penciler, Humberto Ramos, as he was designing the Spiderman character in this volume of Superior Spiderman. Source: Slott, D. (2013). Superior Spiderman: My Own Worst Enemy. Marvel Comics.

Overall, the penciler, draws out the script, in pencil, that is provided by the writer. They are important to the comic labor force because they sketch out the story visuals for the inkers and colorists; without them, the foundation for the visuals in comics would not be there.

This penciled image of Spiderman demonstrates the work of a penciler. Humberto Ramos, a penciler for Superior Spiderman: My Own Worst Enemy, has penciled the character, most likely based on how the writer or creator wanted it to be; artist and writers work together to tell the story. Characters, such as this one, and settings are drawn, usually in pencil, by the artist based on the descriptions provided, in the script. Once they have penciled out the script, it is ready to be inked and colored.







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